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I got a bit spooked by something late last night so I used anime to calm me down and distract myself. I literally…. watched Kids on the Slope in one go. All 12 eps. It was a wild ride. I don’t recommend watching it all at once. It’s too much. It’s beautiful.


I finally figured out what to do with all the stickers I buy at cons and then never use. Gasp.




Koalas having an argument.

if you have never heard a koala noise before, here is yr chance

they sound like fuzzy bike horns


another tiwtter thing. color swaps yeh. they look so awkward…

i know ive been pretty quiet cus of my schoolwork and such. but i just noticed this random milestone and i felt this burst of gratitude and wanted to show it to all of you. old and new, thank you for sticking around and i hope i can bring cute, fun and nice things to your dash!

also eggs for aobatoppingnoiz
yes i thought of you and took a pic

heres a selfie to prove that im alive and well. i got overdressed for ihop today.


you know what me and my sister realized

is that

Hide probably blames himself for everything that happened to Kaneki

because he was the one to push him to ask rize out