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i-i  canntt hannldleee THESE PAST PANELELS
IMSSCRARED sfoforr oh onoo john spleaasedonet dont
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ill put my coherent thoughts under a read more yup 

oh geez im scared that john is going to kill bed noire
i mean i know he’s the bad guy and all and he killed dad and mom and WOW that was horrible. but but i still have this place for bec noire  in my heart cus he did SAVE JADE. remember. yeah. he carried her to her quest bed and oh gosh can bec pm maybe like COME TO THE RESCUE??? oh geez. bec noire bby.

  1. battle-cries said: AHHHH I KNOW RIGHT?! I’m so glad they’ve got a bubble for this, this moment was like one of my favs DB<
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